​​​​​​St. Peter's Anglican Church

A Parish in the Diocese of the Holy Cross

Links to sermons and other resources may be found below: 

 Easter 2020.pdf                                                       Trinity 10 2020.pdf

Ascension Sunday 2020.pdf                                    Trinity 11 2020 8.30am.pdf

Pentecost 2020.pdf                                                  Trinity 12 2020.pdf

Trinity 2020.pdf                                                        Trinity 13 2020.pdf

Corpus Christi 2020.pdf                                           

Trinity 2 2020 8.30 AM.pdf

Trinity 3 2020.pdf

St. Peter 2020.pdf

Trinity 5 2020.pdf

Trinity 6 2020.pdf

Trinity 7 2020.pdf

The Transfiguration.pdf