Welcome to St Peter's Giving Page

A Parish in the Diocese of the Holy Cross

​​St. Peter's Anglican Church

With fewer and fewer of us carrying our checkbooks or even cash when we go out, St Peter's offers an online way to attend to our stewardship as well as participate in directed giving.

By using the Button below, you will be able to donate to the general fund and/or to other funds associated with the St Peter's Anglican Church. Donations may be made by Credit Card,  Debit Card or a draft on your Checking Account.

You may also text your donation using St Peter's text line: 281-612-7058

When giving for the first time, you may set up an account to easily track your giving for tax purposes. You may also set up a regular giving schedule. Or, you may use the "Quick Give" option that does not require an account. 

It's giving made easy!